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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

For Faculty: Online Teaching

This guide provides guidance and resources for Guilford College Faculty teaching online classes.

Some Tools for Creative Digital Assignments


Readily Available Website Options

You and your students can create collaborative class websites on your own, using the following tools.

Additional/Advanced Website Options Available Through Hege

If you are interested in having your students work on collaborative class websites for digital scholarship projects, Library Learning Technology can help! We have a subscription to Reclaim Hosting, which allows folks to create websites under; check it out for examples of past websites. Project proposals are evaluated upon request for creation of a website, and a website is created for projects that fit this criteria. Please reach out to Garrett Collins if you would like to discuss the creation of a website for one of your classes.

Here are some examples of the kinds of sites we can create:

Hege Library & Learning Technologies staff are available to:

  • create websites in the Guilford College Digital Scholarship Reclaim Hosting server space,
  • train users on WordPress and Omeka,
  • create user log-ins (upon request),
  • set up automatic back-ups through Reclaim Hosting,
  • and help troubleshoot website issues.

To the best of their abilities and availability, staff may also:

  • assist with website styling,
  • help import an existing site that fits criteria into the Reclaim Hosting space,
  • and assist with exporting a site at the end of its lifecycle.

Please see these slides from a Summer 2019 workshop, "Making Scholarship Public: Collaborative Class Websites," for some considerations and suggestions for collaborative website work.

Additional Resources