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For Faculty: Resilient Teaching

This guide provides support and gathers resources for faculty on resilient teaching approaches during times of change.

What Is Trauma-Informed Pedagogy?

Trauma-informed pedagogy begins with an awareness of the trauma students may have experienced or be experiencing (in many possible shapes and forms), and a commitment to enacting teaching strategies to support and nurture students in their learning journeys.

Here are some resources that provide an overview and tips for getting started:

Dr. Mays Imad: Trauma-Informed Teaching & Learning

This webinar by Dr. Mays Imad, professor of Genetics, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Pima Community College and founding coordinator of their Teaching and Learning Center, provides an overview of trauma-informed pedagogy: in this webinar, Dr. Imad defines trauma, discusses the impact of trauma on the brain and learning, and shares teaching strategies that can mitigate the impact of trauma and support learning.

Here are notes summarizing this webinar, and a PDF version of Dr. Imad's slide deck.

Other Resources