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For Faculty: Instructional Continuity

This guide gives instructors a rundown of strategies that can help ensure instructional continuity during situations that might interrupt instruction such as severe weather events, campus closures, and the like.


Unexpected events can make plans uncertain, for you and for your students: check out some digital solutions in this guide that can make things easier, or even act as a back-up if plans go awry (winter weather, campus closure, etc.).

Even when emergencies aren't on the horizon, consider ways that virtual office hours and the like can help you connect with your students in new and exciting ways.

This guide covers the following:

  • a checklist that can help you prepare for an extended emergency closure of the college

  • information on communicating with your students and holding class sessions virtually

  • tools for virtual interaction and collaboration

  • adjustments you can make in Canvas to accommodate for unexpected changes to your class plan

  • guides for creating online content

  • options for students without Internet access

  • library resources

This guide will continue to be expanded as resources are created and shared: continue to check back for more information!

Need Help?

Need help? Just ask! Hege Library and Learning Technologies is here to help. Please get in touch with Garrett Collins ( if you would like assistance learning how to use any of these tools before you implement them in your classes, or if you would like to consult on other possible strategies.

Instructional Continuity Guide Update

Please note: this guide, which served as a centralized instructional continuity resource in Spring 2020, is in the process of being reverted back to a more specifically-focused instructional continuity guide. In order to support resilient teaching in Fall 2020 and beyond, a new Resilient Teaching guide has been created to centralize resources.

We have created a copy of the Spring 2020 Instructional Continuity Guide to preserve access to resources as they were, for any faculty who want to come back to them.