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For Faculty: Instructional Continuity

This guide gives instructors a rundown of strategies that can help ensure instructional continuity during situations that might interrupt instruction such as severe weather events, campus closures, and the like.

Creating Online Assignments & Assessments

In Canvas

If you would like to test things out or create content in an empty course that does not have any students in it, we would be happy to create a Sandbox course for you! Simply fill out this Sandbox Course request form and we will get one created for you.

See this blog post on "Alternative Assessments in Canvas" for a great rundown of alternatives for various assignment types, including journals, video & audio responses, collaborative writing, peer reviews, and more. Please note that some of the tools recommended are ones that live outside of Canvas, and some are tools Guilfors does not have access to in its Canvas instance.

Through Google Apps/G-Suite

Making Adjustments in Canvas

You can make adjustments in Canvas to allow for unexpected changes to due dates or to the course calendar.

Adjusting Due Dates

If needed, you can adjust the due dates for assignments and quizzes in Canvas - for your entire class, or for particular students.

Adjusting Quiz Restrictions

You can extend quiz times (for all students or for particular students) and give students multiple quiz attempts.