Hege Library & Learning Technologies

For Faculty: Instructional Continuity

This guide gives instructors a rundown of strategies that can help ensure instructional continuity during situations that might interrupt instruction such as severe weather events, campus closures, and the like.

Copyright & Fair Use

When sharing course resources and readings electronically with your students, it is important, as always, to consider copyright & fair use. See the library's guide to Copyright & Fair Use for more information.

Textbook Publishers

Check with your textbook publisher to see if they have online resources you can incorporate into your class.  You can often embed these resources into Canvas or use an LTI such as the MacGraw Hill LTI to link to resources.

Research Instruction & Research Consultations

Research Instruction Sessions & Research Consultations

Research instruction sessions & remote research consultations will no longer be available effective effective Monday, 7 April 2020, and until further notice. Please direct your students to the library's subject research guides and other library resources for additional research support.

Instructors interested in incorporating a Research Basics module into their Canvas courses for basic research guidance for students that you can adapt for your course can fine one in the Canvas Commons. You can find it by searching the Canvas Commons for its title “Guilford College Research Basics - Spring 2020 Instructional Continuity.” Please email Tierney Steelberg at steelbergtc@guilford.edu if you would like assistance getting the module into your course(s).

Technology Instruction Sessions & Student Tech Consultations

Tierney Steelberg, Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship Technologist, is available to provide online technology instruction resources or virtual sessions. You may contact her at steelbergtc@guilford.edu.

Tierney is also available to provide virtual technology consultations to students virtually or via email. Students may schedule a consultation by signing up for an appointment or email to find another time.

Library Resources Online

Streaming Video & Music Through Hege Library

See the library's guide to Open Access Streaming content for additional streaming resources available for free on the web.

Online Training Modules

Providing Access to Course Materials

When sharing content through email or Canvas, only share or link out to content from the library catalog, library databases, or content that is open access. If there is no access through the library or in the open, use Interlibrary Loan.

Find links to content through the library:

  • Library Catalog
    Find books, e-books, videos, periodicals, and federal government documents in our library; it also includes citations to many articles. You can use the Hege Library Catalog to locate books and selected articles held by other libraries too

  • List of Databases
    A-Z List of Databases and Resources

Persistent Links

When linking content from a library database, make sure you use a persistent link rather than the url in the address bar.
Persistent Links show up in various places, depending on the database, for instance, in ProQuest the persistent link shows up on the abstract/details of the record:

Screenshot of database with permalink identified with a rectangle around it.

The persistent link is also known as a permalink, document URL, persistent URL, PURL, durable link/URL, or stable link/URL.

Enabling Off-Campus Access

To ensure that links are available for use off-campus, add the following prefix to the link: 
http://ezproxy.guilford.edu/login?url= (i.e. http://ezproxy.guilford.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=141341824&site=ehost-live).
The ezproxy prefix will route any off-campus user to sign in using their Guilford network username and password (the same one used for Canvas). 
Occasionally issues may keep you from accessing electronic resources.  Some things you can try to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Access to Guilford electronic resources uses the Canvas username and password. If the username or password is not working, please contact the ITS helpdesk to troubleshoot the issue.
  • If it is not a username/password issue, try clearing the cache and deleting cookies in your browser.  Don't know how to do this?  Google "clear cache" or "delete cookies" and the name of your browser.  You can also try using “incognito mode” or “private browsing mode” (depending on your browser), which should allow you to try that browser without clearing the cache. If it works, then you know that clearing the cache and deleting cookies should be effective.
  • See our Off-Campus Access Libguide for more information. 
  • Try another internet browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.
  • If you are using WiFi or computers at a different institution or library, there can be firewall issues when trying to connect to Guilford resources. Try using the internet from another location to see if that fixes the problem.

See more in the library's guide to Off-Campus Access to Library Databases.

Some of the above content was adapted from the Davidson College Library's guide to providing access to remote teaching materials - thank you, Davidson College!