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For Faculty: Instructional Continuity

This guide gives instructors a rundown of strategies that can help ensure instructional continuity during situations that might interrupt instruction such as severe weather events, campus closures, and the like.

Considerations in Holding Synchronous Virtual Class Sessions

There are accessibility and equity issues involved with holding virtual class sessions - to this end, we recommend that you do not require that your students turn their cameras on in virtual class sessions, and instead find other ways to engage them. The following readings provide some perspective, and some suggestions:

A Very Quick Guide to Google Hangouts

We have created a short presentation that covers the basic features of Google Hangouts, including how to create a meeting, how to add your students to the meeting, and how to present your slides virtually. The link for our presentation is  https://bit.ly/Hangouts-for-Instructors

Tools for Synchronous Virtual Class Sessions

These tools can enable virtual class meetings (as well as virtual office hours, an exam review session with an instructor or a TA, or even student presentations): simply let your students know when and where to "meet up" virtually.

Run through this "Teaching a Live, Online Session" checklist from OLC for some considerations to keep in mind/check out beforehand, and some resources to take in.

Google Hangouts Information

Here are instructions on how to record a Google Hangout if you would like to do so, using the premium feature available to all G Suite for Education accounts through September 30th, 2020 (due to the pandemic). And this slideshow has a step-by-step walkthrough, with screenshots, of how to use Google Hangouts: https://bit.ly/Hangouts-for-Instructors.

Zoom Information

Step-by-step instructions for logging into Zoom, and additional Zoom walkthrough information and videos are available on our guide to Zoom: https://library.guilford.edu/zoom.

We have set up a Canvas integration: you will need to enable Zoom in your course menu from the Settings Navigation page.  You can then setup meetings that students can access from within your Canvas course.

For any questions about or issues with Zoom, please put in a Help Desk ticket at http://webhelpdesk.guilford.edu/ or by emailing webhelpdesk@guilford.edu.

Phone Calls

If a student does not have Internet, but have access to a phone, you could conduct coursework with them over the phone.

Students can also call in to many video conferencing meetings (including via Google Hangouts and Zoom) by phone, using the phone number provided. You would just need to verbally describe things you share on the screen (presentations, etc.).