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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Hege Library - Strategic Planning Resource Guide: Task Force for the Library Strategic Plan

Task Force for the Library Strategic Plan

In alignment with SLRP, the Task Force for the Library Strategic Plan will engage in the reenvisioning
of the Library as an academic commons and inform the development of the plan on
a number of fronts, including library organizational and service considerations and space
design/alignments and also will serve in an advisory capacity for framing an implementation

The work of the Task Force is expected to be completed by the end of May 2014. All
meetings will be facilitated by the Director of Library Services and Instructional Technology
Services, Suzanne Bartels through the guidance and presence of library planning consultant
Maureen Sullivan. Members include the following stakeholders:

• Friends Librarian and College Archivist: Gwendolyn Erickson (advisory as needed while on academic leave)
• Director and Curator of the Guilford College Art Gallery: Theresa Hammond
• Assistant Academic Dean for Academic Support: Barbara Boyette
• Director of the Learning Commons: Melissa Daniel-Frink
• Director of International Education: Jack Zerbe
• Director of Sponsored Programs and Grants: Michelle Cole
• Director of the Honors Program: Heather Hayton
• Director of Undergraduate Research: Melanie Lee-Brown
• CPPS – Director of the Center for Principled Problem Solving: Mark Justad OR Engaged Teaching and Learning Specialist: Jennie Knight (Declined participation)
• Multicultural Education, Director for Educational Initiatives and Partnerships: Jada Drew
• Director of Faculty Development (Interim): Bob Malekoff
• Registrar and Chair, Space Utilization Committee: Norma Middleton
• CCE – Director for Marketing and Recruitment: Jackie Smith
• Two At-Large Clerk’s Committee faculty appointments: Vance Ricks and Mylene Dressler
• Chief Planning and Sr. Management Officer: Jeff Favolise
• Student government liaisons from Library Student Advisory Board: Monica Jones (CCE), Huda Assad (Traditional)