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Hege Library - Strategic Planning Resource Guide: Strategic Direction: Collections

Collection Development

Summary and background Information

Like many other institutions, Guilford has seen budget reductions over the past few years which have directly impacted the library. We are fortunately positioned to institute a new approach to collection development, and have already begun the process. It is clear we need to reduce the number of volumes in the print collection to create a more focused collection to support our users.  A 50% reduction of the collection will also leave room available for much needed classroom and study space.

~ Liz Wade & James Parrigin

Digital Repository: instroduction to Concepts and Needs

Digital Repository:  Introduction to Concepts and Needs

Guilford currently has no stable method for capturing, preserving and effectively providing access to digital materials created by or deposited to the institution for academic and/or research purposes.  There are several compelling areas worthy of exploration to meet current and future needs.  There are other campus needs this does not address, such as management of non-permanent records for more administrative purposes.  This overview focuses upon elements that have historically been the responsibility of the library in the pre-digital world, such as the college’s permanent archival records and Quaker meeting records, and also raises the issue of needs that are not currently met, and due to increase, with the rise of Guilford-based digital scholarship.  This is not intended to be comprehensive and only provides a very brief introduction and overview to begin the conversation.

[Originally drafted 11 February 2014, GGE]

Reflections on intersections of collection development, scholarship, preservation, and the digital realm: