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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Library Assessment

Building a Successful & Strategic Assessment Program

1. Assess what’s strategic:

  • Focus on institutional strategic priorities, including teaching and learning, student support, research enterprise, faculty and researcher support, and innovation

2. Be selective:

  • Focus on what is achievable: Do we have the needed resources and expertise?
  • Focus on strategic importance: What do we need to know in order to succeed?
  • Focus on what is actionable: What can we start now?

3. Be realistic:

  • If you don’t need to know, don’t ask
  • Make evaluation part of your work
  • Consult the literature to see what's already there
  • Seek to start

Credit: "Building a Successful & Strategic Assessment Program" presentation by Steve Hiller, Martha Kyrillidou, Raynna Bowlby, ARL Assessment Seminar, November 2014