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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Library Assessment

Library Assessment Planning Goals

Assessment planning goals:

  • Define intended library outcomes
  • Create and implement systems for assessment management (and determine tools and data storage)
  • Centralize data collection and assign roles & responsibilities for collection
  • Determine what our library enables students, faculty, staff, and administrators to do
  • Engage in Higher Ed. accreditation processes (SACS) and provide needed information
  • Create library assessment plan/master calendar for each school year

Regular Reporting

External Reporting:

  • IPEDS (ACRL is combined w/ this; also, HR does staffing info)
  • SACS accreditation
  • Wintergreen

Internal Reporting:

  • Annual Report to Guilford IR
  • MISO survey: every three years, next in Spring 2016
  • Student Satisfaction Inventory (through IR): every three years, next in Spring 2017
  • Faculty Needs Assessment for Instructional Technology: every three years, next in Spring 2018

Key Data Points

Data Collection:

  • Gimlet to record desk interactions & consultations
  • Space audits/observations hourly by student workers (on paper, then in Google Drive Sheets)
  • Collection/electronic resources use: holdings information, circulation and database usage data
  • Library facilities/staff statistics
  • Website data (LibGuides)-- semester and annual?
  • Departmental reports from RES, AIS, and FHC-- semester and annual?
  • Library Annual Report for IR
  • Library Instruction: spreadsheet for sessions, course info, & number of students
  • Library Instruction: pre-test (quiz in Moodle) and in-class or final assignment; graded with GELO 2.2 Info Lit rubric

Ad-hoc Assessments for 2015-2016

Proposed ad-hoc assessments for 2015-2016:

  • Assessment in Action project
    • Faculty focus group on library value (August 2015)
    • Faculty survey on library value (September 2015)
    • Data collection to show growth in faculty outreach
  • Web Usability Testing with student workers (August-September 2015)
  • Library Action Research Project for Krista’s Research Methods class in Fall 2015 (community building and learning space design)
  • Development of Library Student Advisory Board