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Guilford College Writing Manual

This is the official Guilford College Writing Manual. A collaboration between the English Department and the Hege Library.


You will find that many of your professors adopt the position taken by former religious studies professor David Barnhill in Some Notes on Writing Papers. He writes:

When I teach a course, I do not simply teach the subject matter; much of my focus is on the more general issue of thinking and writing. By the end of the course, I hope and expect that you will be better writers and thinkers than you were at the outset.

I consider the essays you turn in to be imperfect works in progress rather than finished pieces. They are more like practice sessions to learn from than performances to be judged . . .

Because of this attitude toward papers, I comment on your papers as if they were early drafts of future papers. My comments are indications of errors and suggestions for improvements, and are as important in this course as the required readings and the lectures. I want and expect you to learn from them.

Your professors are here to help you learn. Most are practicing writers themselves—whether it be George Guo in Political Science, Kathryn Shields in Art, Tim Kircher in History, Karen Spira in Spanish, Mylene Dressler in English, Richie Zweigenhaft in Psychology, Robert Williams in Economics, or one of many others. They have much to share. They've been there. Don't hesitate to ask.

The Learning Commons

The LC, under the leadership of Melissa Daniel Frink, offers a variety of services that can benefit you. These include:

  • one-on-one consultation designed to improve your papers and, more importantly, you as a writer
  • workshops on topics such as time management and study skills
  • peer tutors for specific courses
  • a cross-curricular library of books on writing
  • computer programs for individually paced learning in specific writing areas
  • worksheets and guidance on specific grammatical problems
  • special support programs for students with learning disabilities

You can find the LC on the second floor of Hege Library. Stop by and check it out.

The College Writing Director

Have a writing-related problem or question that falls outside the jurisdiction of both your professor and the LC? Come talk with Guilford's writing director Parag Parker in 101 Archdale. You can reach her by phone (x2218) or e-mail (budhechapk@guilford.edu).