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Guilford College Writing Manual

This is the official Guilford College Writing Manual. A collaboration between the English Department and the Hege Library.

Festival of Verbs

trot mediate diminish forge lurk
dash volunteer acerbate extricate resonate
spring negotiate steep fulminate wield
canter inspect zap meld rummage
saunter leap zoom spiff wrap
tumble ooze beatify vex fiddle
dart pulverize bilk descry fan
bolt impoverish keel fluster slurp
scuttle creep kibitz garnish befuddle
contest obliterate palaver gyrate hibernate
tread shadow cajole intonate burp
press wail calumniate interweave flick
ramble whimper gird intuit subdue
trudge exhort imprecate lionize stuff
trek pacify incise mottle slouch
rove efface purge nebulize grope
meander warrant circumscribe necessitate crumple
cruise squirm circumvent officiate retrieve
escort slither countermand outstrip censure
bait curtail disdain perjure churn
sweep anathematize evince enchant mystify
mince ply annihilate scalp trample
emit stun glisten mesmerize flash
bamboozle combat decapitate freeze slip
smirk sneer whittle whittle pump
drip plug slug chug drain
tease gabble muse pounce chuck
baffle harness clench empower celebrate
brew flail intrude glut tick
flee invert gnaw smoke flinch
etch bore sprint growl plaster
blurt plummet hark plead stew
swagger harry scoot sunder lash
screech rifle drawl mull scrawl
rile disintegrate nab tarry tramp
violate negate snarl braid stifle
nestle upheave squeeze succumb pepper
vamoose lunge sprawl shackle wrench
ponder meddle concur grind impede
maul beset puncture stab stampede
crush shine flinch cradle press
tickle slink trample protest giggle
jeer bustle falter snicker fumigate
gasp wallow flicker consummate bound
curdle befoul hedge ruminate gash
impugn shuffle bloom portend ordain
flex pummel grovel undulate crinkle