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Guilford College Writing Manual

This is the official Guilford College Writing Manual. A collaboration between the English Department and the Hege Library.

The D Paper

In its treatment of subject the D paper may:

  • offer distractingly unclear thinking, or not carefully follow the assignment, or give the appearance of having been conceived and written in haste
  • contain promising ideas which have been left seriously undeveloped.

In its organization the D paper:

  • may be unfocused with no evident organizing principle.

In its content the D paper may:

  • provide too few or seemingly irrelevant examples
  • lack credible, authoritative evidence in several places
  • offer few expert views.

In its style the D paper may:

  • confuse the reader with its disjointed language, including jargon
  • possess imprecise, redundant, inappropriate word choice
  • mislead reader with immature, monotonous sentences that detract and confuse
  • have apparent but distracting rhythm
  • use weak, inappropriate voice
  • present an inconsistent, inappropriate tone
  • be lackluster, with little energy.

In terms of rules and conventions the D paper:

  • may have some real problems with the mastery of grammar and usage conventions; may have several recurrent problems (e.g., sentence fragments, errors in agreement, comma splices, misused semi-colons, run-ons)
  • may contain several technical barriers to reader understanding
  • may have many spelling errors
  • may not use proper MLA citation.