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Guide for Thesis Research

Citations in a Thesis

When you are preparing a thesis, the subject of citation becomes more relevant. Given the greater extension of a thesis, you should take extra care to make sure you are providing  proper citations for all the sources you reference. Try to keep your ideas and sources as organized as possible from the very beginning of your research process. 

We should take account of the issue of plagiarism here. Plagiarism can very well occur unintentionally, when a person omits citations by mistake. The chances of this occurring increase if your research and writing process becomes messy, or if you do not manage your time well and end up working in a rush. For this reason, try to document your research process as accurately as possible from the onset, and start writing with enough time. Besides reducing the danger of unintentional plagiarism, this will also help reduce the stress which can accompany the process of writing a thesis.

Citation Guides

Hege Library's Citation Guides provide ample information and resources on a wide variety of formats. You can access the Citation Guides at

Included below are some basic resources for MLA and APA citation, given that these are two of the most commonly used formats here at Guilford.

MLA Citation

APA Citation