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Guide for Thesis Research

Mapping Out Your Thesis Project

Good project planning will help you make the most out of your thesis experience. Here are some pointers:

  • Make sure you understand the requirements you must fulfill.
    • What are the specific requirements for theses in your department?
    • What type of sources will you need?
    • How much information will you need?
    • What kind of data will you need to collect?
  • Manage your time properly.
    • Start your thesis project with enough time.
    • Establish a working schedule.
    • Establish benchmarks.
  • Be ready to work with obstacles.
    • ‚ÄčAnticipate difficulties in the research process.
    • Give yourself leeway to refine or alter your topic as needed.
    • Be willing to try different strategies as you conduct your research.
  • Document your research process. Keep a record of:
    • Databases you have consulted
    • Search queries you have used
    • Relevant sources you have located
  • Know when you have enough information.
    • Have you found sufficient quality information?
    • Have you answered your research questions?
    • Can you develop and support a coherent argument with the sources that you have?
    • Do you have enough to fulfill your thesis requirements?
  • Start writing with enough time.
    • Give yourself time to analyze your sources. Consider how they tie together and help support the points you wish to make.
    • Give yourself time to craft your written product. Make sure it effectively communicates the research you have done and the ideas you wish to express.
    • Show drafts of your written product to others. Ask for their honest feedback, and take it into account.
  • Prepare for your thesis presentation.
    • Be very clear about what you wish to say and how you will support it.
    • Anticipate possible questions you might get.
    • Rehearse as much as possible.
    • Enjoy the experience!