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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

For Faculty: COVID-19 Instructional Continuity in Spring 2020

This guide is a copy of the original Instructional Continuity Guide used during the move to remote teaching in Spring 2020 due to COVID-19. It exists to retain and share this collection of resources for anyone who needs them.

Tools for Virtual Office Hours, Exam Review Sessions, Presentations...

If you can't meet in person, consider a virtual replacement. These tools can enable office hours, an exam review session with an instructor or a TA, or even student presentations to happen virtually: schedule a session in advance and let your students know when and where to "meet up" virtually.

Here are instructions on how to record a Google Hangout if you would like to do so, using the premium feature available to all G Suite for Education accounts until July 1st.

Tools for Digital Discussions, Feedback Sessions, Critiques...

You can use these tools for asynchronous discussions and feedbacks sessions, to replace face-to-face versions of these activities.