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For Faculty: COVID-19 Instructional Continuity in Spring 2020

This guide is a copy of the original Instructional Continuity Guide used during the move to remote teaching in Spring 2020 due to COVID-19. It exists to retain and share this collection of resources for anyone who needs them.

FAQ Section

This section is intended as a quick reference resource for addressing frequently asked questions faculty members might have related to moving courses online. As we continue this process, we will keep adding relevant material.

Feel free to contact library staff members if you have ideas about content that you would like to see added here.

Let's make the best out of this situation and use it to continue to learn together and strengthen our community!

As of now, this section provides information about the following:

  • Canvas
  • Google Hangouts


How do I make an announcement?

  • Click on the "Announcements" option in the course menu
  • Click on the red "+Announcement" button
  • Create the announcement in the rich content editor
  • Click on the red "Save" button at the bottom of the screen

How do I add an attachment to an announcement?

  • Use the "Choose File" button under the rich content editor

How do I change notification settings for students to make sure they are receiving notifications on time?

  • Go to "Account" option in global menu 
  • Select “Notifications”
  • You will be able to adjust settings for each type of notification

How can I make a video announcement?

  • Click on the "Announcements" option in the course menu
  • Click on the red "+Announcement" button
  • In the rich content editor, Click on the “Record” icon
  • Record your video and save

How do I send email messages through Canvas?

  • Click on the “Inbox” option in the global menu
  • Click on compose message (top left)
  • Select recipients
  • Send email

How do I upload a file to Canvas?

  • Click on the "Files" option in the course menu
  • Click on the red "Upload" button (top right of screen)
  • Select the file you want from your computer and click "Open"

How do I create a discussion forum?

  • Click on the “Discussions” option in the course menu
  • Click on the red "+Discussion" button
  • Add your text and additional desired content in the rich content editor
  • Adjust desired settings. You will find setting options below the rich content editor area. Some options to consider are:
    • ​"Allow threaded replies"
    • "Users must post before seeing replies"

How can I share a Youtube video?

  • Access the video in Youtube
  • Click on the “Share” option below the screen
  • Copy the embed code for the video
  • In the Canvas rich content editor, click on the "Insert/Edit media" icon  
  • Choose the embed option, insert the code, and click "Ok"
  • You can also share the link to the video

Googl Hangouts

How do I create a Google Hangouts meeting?

  • You can create a meeting from your Google calendar. Go to your calendar and create an event.
  • When you are creating the event, you will see a "More options" button next to the "Save" button. Click on more options.
  • Click on the "Add conferencing" option on the left side of the screen and select Google Hangouts.
  • Once you do this, you will obtain a link to join the Hangouts meeting.
  • You can also add conferencing after you have created the event.
  • Add your students to the event as guests, or share the link to the meeting with them.  

Can a Google Hangouts link be reused?

  • Yes, you can use a meeting link multiple times.
  • Tip: You can make your meetings a recurring event in your calendar. If you do this, all the individual meetings will have the same link.

How do I record a Google Hangouts session?

  • Click on the menu icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • A menu will pop up, and the option to record will be at the top.
  • You must let other people in the meeting know that you are recording.

Can I add closed captions?

  • There is a closed caption option which you can activate. You will find it close to the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Closed captions are only available in English.

Is there a chat in Hangouts?

  • Look in the upper right corner and you will find the chat icon. It looks like this:
  • Students can use the chat to type in their questions.

Can I share links to resources during my Google Hangouts meeting?

  • You can use the chat to share any links.

Can you present your slides in Hangouts?

  • Access your slides in your machine
  • After you have your slides up, click on the "present" icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. It looks like this:
  • You will see options to present your whole screen or just one window. If you only want to present one window, you'll have the option of choosing which one.
  • Select what you want to share and click on the "Share" button. Once you do this, your students will be able to see your screen content on their machines.
  • Click on the "Stop sharing" or "Stop presenting" button when you're done.
  • Your students can present their slides in this same way.