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This guide shows you how to use Zoom, with a focus on Zoom for classroom use by instructors.

Enabling Zoom in Your Canvas Courses

We have set up a Canvas integration: you will need to enable Zoom in your course menu from the Settings Navigation page:

  1. Go to your course Settings page.
  2. Click the Navigation tab up at the top.
  3. Scroll down to navigation items that have been disabled - you will find Zoom here, at the bottom.
  4. Enable Zoom in your course by dragging and dropping it to your course menu items, or by clicking the options button and enabling it from there.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

You should now see Zoom enabled within your course menu - from there, you can integrate your Zoom account with your Canvas account, and then begin to set up Zoom meetings within your courses.

Setting Up a Zoom Meeting Through Canvas

Follow these instructions, or the video below from Zoom, to set up a meeting through a Canvas course. 

  1. Click Schedule a New Meeting.
  2. Input your meeting details, including the topic/title and time & date. Set this as a recurring meeting if you want your course to meet on a regular basis.
  3. Configure your meeting settings, including whether you would like the meeting to be recorded.
  4. When you are done, click Save.

Your meeting will now appear in your Upcoming Meetings list. It will be available to all users in the course to join at the predetermined date and time (please note: it is unfortunately not possible to set up specific Zoom meetings for specific sections through the Canvas LTI integration - all course Zoom meetings are available to all users).

FYI: When you set up a Zoom meeting through Canvas, students in the course will get an email about it, and will be prompted to download Zoom the first time they do this. Students do not need Zoom accounts to be able to join sessions.

Walkthrough Video: Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

Zoom Recordings in Canvas

Recordings for meetings scheduled through Canvas will be available through the Canvas course Zoom page, and the password is embedded for students accessing them from within the course - but the password will be required for access outside of Canvas (for example, if the recording link is shared in an email).

For class recordings and all other recordings with data protected by FERPA, we recommend having passwords or other safeguards on. Keeping recordings in Canvas is one such safeguard, but other safeguards are available in the sharing settings of individual recordings. See this page from Zoom on Managing Cloud Recordings for more information.