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This guide shows you how to use Zoom, with a focus on Zoom for classroom use by instructors.

Some Pedagogical Recommendations

Here are some pedagogical recommendations for your use of Zoom:

  • Be thoughtful as you consider requiring synchronous class meetings - consider the fact that students have personal, familial, and professional commitments outside of their academic responsibilities, and may be scattered across different time zones (so a 9am class may actually be a 6am class for a student in California). 
  • Respect your students' privacy: do not require that they turn their videos on, and inform them if you are planning on recording a session, allowing them to bow out and view the recording later if desired.
  • Encourage students to go into Zoom ahead of time and make sure their name appears as they would like it to, and make sure they know that they can change their name in Zoom if needed.
  • You can invite your students to share their pronouns in the name field within a Zoom meeting (but make sure to frame this as an invitation, not a requirement, as requiring pronoun-sharing is problematic and can out students before they are ready, making them unsafe).

Zoom for Virtual Office Hours

You can make use the waiting room feature to host virtual office hours through Zoom: the feature allows you to admit participants when you are ready to speak with them, so you can talk to them one-on-one. Participants can be admitted from and sent to the waiting room freely by the host, so you can move back and forth between student conversations as needed. See more in this video from Zoom:

Breakout Rooms

You can use the breakout rooms feature to enable virtual small group discussion in your classes. See more in this video from Zoom, or in these instructions:

You can share this information from Zoom on "participating in breakout rooms" with your students, as needed.

From Faculty Focus, Using Breakout Rooms with Less Stress and Better Results


You can conduct polls during Zoom meetings. These are best set up in advance, rather than done on the fly. See more in this video from Zoom, or in these instructions:

From Zoom on downloading poll results: "You can download a report of the poll results after the meeting. If registration was turned on and the poll was not anonymous, it will list the participants' names and email addresses. If registration was not on, it will show the results, but list the users as "Guest". If the poll was anonymous, it will show "anonymous" for the participants' names and email addresses."