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Quaker Records


North Carolina Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends started around 1680 in northeastern North Carolina, and included monthly meetings (churches) in North and South Carolina, parts of Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee in the nineteenth century. Although NCYM survived the Hicksite division that rocked Friends' yearly meetings in Pennsylvania and the midwest, similar conflicts divided NCYM in the early twentieth and twenty-first centuries, resulting in new organizations: North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) in 1904, Atlantic Friends Christian Ministries about 2016, and a reorganization into Friends Church of North Carolina and North Carolina Friends Fellowship in 2017. Additionally, meetings once part of NCYM withdrew at various points in the 20th century to join Evangelical Friends International or to become independent and some meetings originally connected to NCYM were among the founding meetings of Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Yearly Meeting. Therefore, the present day Society of Friends in North Carolina includes a variety of worship styles and theological beliefs and represents all the threads of Quakerism that have evolved since the 17th century founding.

As of 2018, NCYM has been legally superceded by North Carolina Yearly Meeting, Inc.

Preparatory or "Particular" meetings that never reached Monthly Meeting status are not listed, except for the rare occasion where their own separate minutes exist. In general, preparatory meeting records (such as membership) are mixed in with the sponsor or parent monthly meeting. 

* - An asterisk in the minutes below indicates availability on Ancestry.

NCYM Meeting Record Inventories