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Quaker Records

Independent Meetings

Many of these meetings were historically part of North Carolina Yearly Meeting and are now independent.

Evangelical Friends Church

Evangelical Friends Churches in North Carolina are actually affiliated with Evangelical Friends International (EFI). EFI-Eastern Region (formerly Ohio Yearly Meeting) includes Piedmont District, with churches in North Carolina and Virginia. Most of these churches have no historical affiliation with North Carolina Yearly Meeting and retain their own records but some had earlier ties to Friends in North Carolina. Published minutes of EFI-ER and other publications of EFI are maintained as resources as part of the Quaker Archives commitment to comprehensive writing relating to the Society of Friends whenever possible.

Palmetto Friends Gathering

Palmetto Friends Gathering is a fellowship of unprogrammed meetings in South Carolina. Meetings include Aiken Worship Group, Charleston MM, Columbia MM, Five Rivers MM, and Greenville MM.

Southeastern Yearly Meeting

Southeastern Yearly Meeting includes unprogrammed Quaker meetings and worship groups in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Managua and Nicaragua.

Other Yearly Meetings

These are meetings that had historic ties to NCYM but are now with another yearly meeting.