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Manuscript Collections: B

Manuscript List-B

Back Creek and Cedar Fork Debating Society Rules, 1842     MS 444
Society rules with list of members' names attached (typescript copy).  1 item

Barker (Anderson) Papers    MS 222
Genealogical correspondence on the Barker family.  112 items

Barker (Nicholas) Family Papers, 1856-1879    MS 430 MORE INFO
Primarily letters written by Nicholas and Catherine Barker and their children of Randolph County, North Carolina to members of their family in Indiana (photocopies of handwritten transcriptions).  75 items

Barrett (Leslie & Margaret) Collection, 1731-1906    MS 64 MORE INFO
Genealogies, correspondence, journals, documents, and photographs of Rogers/Blodgett and related families who were Baptists and Universalists of Massachusetts.  97 items

Beals (John) Paper, c. 1797  MS 303
Account of a vision related by John Beals to a friend (typescript).  1 item

Bean, Joel, poem    MS 009

Beard (Elkanah) Journal, 1862-1867  MS 484
Journal of a Quaker minister of Cherry Grove Monthly Meeting, Wayne County, Indiana recounting his spiritual journey and his ministerial relief work, primarily among freed slaves along the Mississippi River.

Bear’s Chapel Women’s Christian Temperance Union  MS 409
Constitution and minutes of WCTU chapter from inception in 1887 to July 1900 (photocopy).

Beeson (Aileen) Papers    MS 55
Genealogical and personal papers.

Bell, Eleanor, Research Collection MS 572

Belvidere Academy Papers, 1835-47, 1883-1892, 1895-1900, 1911  MS 186
Account books and other materials relating to Quaker academy in Perquimans County, NC.   4 items.

Benbow (Ann) Papers, 1801-1864    MS 141
Journal entries, letters and itineraries produced during the 1840s and 1850s.   Includes both personal items and spiritual outpourings.  Itineraries mention meetings visited. 

Benbow Scrapbooks, 1931-1952  MS 491
Scrapbooks include clippings, programs, and newsletters covering Guilford College, New Garden Friends Meeting, the Guilford College community, and North Carolina Yearly Meeting (photocopies due to deterioration of original materials).

Binford (Raymond & Helen) Papers, 1863, 1894-1952    MS 440 MORE INFO
Papers of Raymond Binford, President of Guilford College (1918-1934), Professor of Biology, Quaker minister and leader, and his wife Helen Titsworth Binford, language teacher, Quaker and community leader, speaker, and writer on child development and home life.  20 feet

Blackburn Family Papers    MS 068

Blair (Augustine W.) Papers, 1888-1939    MS 13

Blair (Benjamin Franklin) Papers, 1860-1864  MS 344
Documents exempting a member of Springfield Friends Meeting from service in the Confederate Army, records of tax payments, Trinity College essay (photocopy), and grade report.  7 items

Blair (Eleanor Henley) Papers, 1863-1937    MS 52 MORE INFO
Letters and papers of the Blair and Henley families, including an 1863 letter from John B. Crenshaw on the procedure for requesting an exemption from military service.  17 items

Blair (Emma) Paper, 1918  MS 85
Letter to Emma Blair from Quincy A. R. Holton.  1 item

Blair (Jesse) Papers, 1786-1864  MS 306
Papers, including "copy book", indentures, and legal documents accumulated by Randolph County, NC farmer Jesse Blair.  17 items

Blair (Jesse Winston) Account Book, 1904-1912    MS 194

Blair (John Jay) Papers    MS 309 MORE INFO
Sketches of objects in Springfield Museum (1932-1936) and manuscript on "The Propagation of Friends' Doctrines."  22 items

Blair-Millikin Papers    MS 338

Blair’s School Invitation, 1885  MS 130
Invitation for Blair’s School Commencement Party scheduled for June 4, 1885.  1 item

Blue (Neill Bonnye) Paper, 1911  MS 151
Notebook made for Bible class, Guilford College, North Carolina.  1 item

Blue Ridge Mission Collection, 1883-1920  MS 182
Minutes, deeds, and tax receipts relating to the Blue Ridge Mission.  50 items

Bolling (Landrum) Paper, 1960  MS 14
Commencement address at Guilford College, May 30, 1960.  1 item

Boyer (Frederick L.) Papers, 1919-1926    MS 462 MORE INFO
Papers of Boyer’s volunteer work with the American Friends Service Committee European relief work.  74 items

Bradshaw (Dora J.) Papers, 1889-1890  MS 16
Essays written while a student at Guilford College.  8 items

Brame, Oletta, Passport Collection    MS 555

Branson, B. Russell, Papers    MS 018 (see also MS 565)

Branson, Russell, Papers MS 565 (see also MS 18)
Papers of former pastor of New Garden Friends Meeting. 

Branson (Sadie Cox) Papers, 1884-1885    MS 44
Handwritten school papers composed by Sadie Cox Branson while a student at New Garden Boarding School.   14 items

Braxton (Thomas & Hannah Lindley) Letter, 1828  MS 294
Letter to "Brothers & Sisters" from Orange County, Indiana (photocopy).  1 ite

Braxton, Wilbert, Papers    MS 527

Brickler (Helen) Paper, 1952    MS 21
"Spiritual Healing Among British Friends," a report read to Western Quarterly Meeting.  1 item

Bridges, Cheryl Snider, Collection    MS 5560

Briggs (Alpheus) Papers, 1929-1933  MS 19
Review of Deep River Quarterly Meeting since 1902 and histories of various North Carolina meetings.  1 document box

Britt, Billy M., Papers MS 569

Brown (Albert W.) Family Papers, 1861-1980  MS 522 MORE INFO 
Papers of members of the Brown and Taylor families of Woodland, North Carolina and West Chester, Pennsylvania.  3.5 linear feet

Brown (Benjamin) Letter, 1868  MS 499
Letter written while a student at New Garden Boarding School to his cousin Sally Brown at Rich Square, North Carolina (photocopy).  1 item

Brown, Benjamin P. and Walter J., Letters    MS 534

Brown (Dorothy) Collection, 1730-1895    MS 439
Collection of Northampton County, North Carolina documents, including deeds, receipts, and wills.

Browning (Mary) Notes  MS 422
Notes made from early Guilford County land records (photocopies).  1 document box

Butterworth (Clarkson) Paper, 1914  MS 461
A compilation of subordinate meetings of Indiana Yearly Meeting (Hicksite) with brief descriptions and histories.  Transcribed and distributed to Quaker libraries by Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting Records Committee in 1984.  1 item