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Manuscript Collections: H

Manuscript List-H

Hackney, Priscella Benbow, Papers    MS 217

Hadley (Nathan) Letter, 1870  MS 80
Letter to his father reports having heard that father is in need of money and states intention of sending some soon.

Haines (Flora McBane) Papers, 1920-1981  MS 92 MORE INFO
Correspondence received by Flora Haines of West Grove, PA. From Conservative Friends in NC and PA.  28 items

Hammer (Isaac) Journal, 1815-1835  MS 232
Journal recounts Hammer’s experiences in the Methodist Church, the Church of the Brethren, and his convincement of the beliefs of the Society of Friends.

Hampton (Anna V. Edgerton) Paper, 1950  MS 472
Autobiography of Anna V. Edgerton, 1883-1962

Hare (E. H.) Letter, 1892  MS 402
A letter to E. H. Hare from his brother Joseph L. Hare, describing his life at Guilford College.

Harris (Betsy Faulk) Letters, 1832-1845  MS 486 MORE INFO 
19 items

Harris (Clarence L.) Album 1960-1985  MS 502
An account of the 1960 sit-in at the F.W. Woolworth Co. on Elm Street in Greensboro, NC, by four freshmen from North Carolina A&T University.

Harris (Deborah) Arithmetic Book    MS 545

Harvey (Enos) Sermon Notes    MS 557

Haworth Family Papers  MS 321 MORE INFO

Henderson (Archibald) Papers, 1960  MS 366
2 items

Hendricks (Charles) Photograph Collections  MS 474 MORE INFO

Henley (Jesse) Family Papers, 1766-1872  MS 307
Receipts, bonds, and land descriptions.  11 items

Henley (Mr. & Mrs. J. A.) Paper, 1929  MS 247
Letter from Ruthanna Simms concerning the sale of Southland Institute.

Henley (Micajah) Collection, 1875  MS 312
Photographic plates and print blocks of Deep River and New Garden communites.

Hiatt Family Papers, 1858-1869  MS 365 (some spelled Hyatt)
7 items

Hickey (Damon) Papers MS 413

Hill Family Genealogy Collection Papers, 1976-1989  MS 77 MORE INFO
Includes correspondence, family charts, census reports, reprints, and newsclippings.   8 files

Hilty (Hiram) Papers  MS 526
Manuscripts and various items relating to his published and unpublished works.

Hinshaw, Irvin S.    MS 083

Hinshaw (Thomas) Papers, 1905-1918  MS 362 MORE INFO 

Hinshaw (Seth and Mary Edith) Papers  MS 363

Hinton (Mary Lou) GC class of 1972 Papers, 1970  MS 379
Epic poem written for course in Classical Lit. Entitled "Song of New Garden (a Quaker Epic)".

Hobbs (Grimsley T.) Papers, 1965-1980  MS 416

Hobbs Family Collection    MS 562

Hobbs (Lewis Lyndon) Papers  MS 224 MORE INFO

Hobbs (Mary Mendenhall) Papers, 1888-1930  MS 223 MORE INFO
Writings and lectures of Mary Mendenhall Hobbs.  2 ¾ linear feet

Hobbs (Mendenhall) Papers, 1762-1921 MS 332 MORE INFO

Hobbs (Richard J. M.) Papers, 1917-1918  MS 405
Papers relating to relief work in France for the American Friends Service Committee.   35 items

Hockett Family Papers  MS 237

Hockett Family Genealogy Collection  MS 88

Hodson Family Papers    MS 508

Hoggart Family Papers    MS 279

Hood (Henry) Papers  MS 452
1 document box

Hollowell (Mollie (Mary) Eliza) Letters, 1868-1869  MS 30
6 items

Hoskins (Hannah) Letter, 1860  MS 89

Hoskins (Mary Johnson) Papers, 1895-1898  MS 433
8 items

Hoskins (Phebe Mendenhall) Papers, 1859  MS 361
Diary kept while moving by wagon from NC to Indiana.

Hovey (Kenneth A.) Shaw-Cude Collection    MS 546

Hoy Van (William F.) Papers, 1930s - 2007 MS 547 MORE INFO 

Hubbard (Jeremiah) Papers, 1835/1849  MS 308
2 items

Hughes (Fred) Collection  MS 184 MORE INFO

Hunt (John) Letter, 1824  MS 78

Hunt (Nathan) Papers, 1800-1821,1835-1841  MS 239

Hunt (William) Papers, 1772  MS 238
9 items

Hurlburt, Rhode Maie Hollady, Scrapbook    MS 523

Hutchison (R.H.) Memorial Collection, 1925-1964  MS 465 MORE INFO 
Genealogical studies of Alamance and Chatam County, NC families.  13 linear feet