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Manuscript Collections: D

Manuscript List-D

Dann (Robert & Lyra) Papers, 1924-1930  MS 153 MORE INFO
Letters from Lewis Lyndon and Mary Mendenhall Hobbs to Danns.  14 items

Davis Family Photographs  MS 69 MORE INFO
Pictures ranging from 1850-1900, consisting of members of the Lindley, Mendenhall, Davis, and Hill families.  60 items

Davis (J. Franklin) Papers, 1871-1927  MS 49
Notebooks pertaining to studies at Westtown School, Haverford College, Leipzig, and Straussburg Universities.  10 items

Davis, J. Franklin, Papers MS 529

Davis (Laura E.) Letters, 1939-1947  MS 525 MORE INFO
Letters from Laura Davis to Friends in High Point, NC telling of her experiences while teaching in Ramallah, Palestine.

Deagon (Ann) Collection, 1965-1973  MS 51 MORE INFO
Poetry by Ann Deagon, Professor Emeritus of Classics at Guilford College.

DeBerry Family Papers, 1735-1866, 1950  MS 331
Deeds, grants, photographs, and family history (originals and photocopies).  56 items

Deep River Temperance Society Papers, 1885-1915  MS 329
Constitution and minutes.   1 volume

Dimmock (Dorothy Gardyne) Papers, 1933-1963  MS 42
Poems written by Dorothy Dimmock.  76 items

Dixon (Arthur Evans) Letters, 1883-1884  MS 76
Letters from William Benbow to Dixon, a fellow student at New Garden Boarding School.   12 items

Dixon (Eula Louisa Albright) Speech, 1892  MS 96 MORE INFO
Address given at Brick Church, Guilford County, NC, 6-12-1892, promoting the cause of temperance and the WCTU.  1 item (31 pages)

Dixon (Joseph) Papers, 1843,1847,1859  MS 31
Letters to Joseph Dixon of Snow Camp, NC from various individuals.  3 items

Dixon (J. Gurney) Papers, 1853-1903  MS 58
Letters written to family while a student at New Garden Boarding School.  8 items

Dixon (Mary) Papers, 1858  MS 61
New Garden Boarding School report (original), and two school compositions: "Ruins of Time", & " On Earth There Grows No Thornless Rose" (typescript copies).   3 items

Dixon (Ruth) Letters, 1845, 1852  MS 60
Letters from Sarah J. Stanley, a student at New Garden Boarding School, and her mother, Mary Dixon (typescript copies).  2 items

Dobbins (Jesse & William) Papers, 1841,1863-1864  MS 205
Letters sent to James and William from family and friends in Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and Missouri.  Includes Civil War references.  9 items

Douglas, (Miriam Carter) Paper, 1907-1909  MS 325
Manuscript of Carter family history.  1 item (137 pages).  [Photocopy available to researchers in the Research Room (see Carter file).]

Dow (Stephen & Stella) Letters, 1936  MS 204
Letters from Marianna Dow (Edgerton), a student in Mary Hobbs Hall, Guilford College, to her parents. 21 items

Duke Memorial Hall Dedication Papers, 1898  MS 254
Speeches made May 21, 1898 at Guilford College by James Southgate, Daniel Lindsey Russell, Edwin Alderman, and Henry Lewis Smith at the dedication of Guilford College's Duke Memorial Hall (typescripts).  4 items