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Manuscript Collections: M

Manuscript List-M


Mackie (W. Worth) Papers, 1924,1928-29  MS 357
Notebooks kept in the freshman courses at Guilford College.  6 items

Macon (Seth C.) Paper, 1979  MS 447
Speech given in 1979 for an unnamed occasion.

Macy (John M.) Letters, 1862  MS 464
Letters written to wife while accompanying a travelling minister to Philadelphia.  15 items

Macy (William) Diary, 1866  MS 119
Excerpts relating to his move as a child from NC, to TN, and his wife and children.

Madison (Maury) Paper, 1935  MS 120
Signed musical score, composed by Maury Madison.

Manumission Society of Tennessee Constitution    MS 514

Map of Friends Meetings in Ireland, 1794  MS 516
49 x 60 cm.

Maris (John) Paper, 1859  MS 121
Deed for 96.4 acres of land on the North Fork of Deep River.

Maris (Ruth Outland) Papers, 1930-1957 MS 538 MORE INFO 

Marriage Certificates, 1716-1944  MS 455

Marshall (David) Paper, 1851  MS 407
Letter from Dougan Clark, Jr. while a student at Haverford College.

Marshall (Elsie) Letters, 1857-1901  MS 123
Letters from friends and family members.  12 items

Marshall (Sandra Gail) Paper, 1971  MS 122
Certificate from White Plains Monthly Meeting to East Africa Yearly Meeting for Sandra, presented to her upon departure to serve as a nurse in Friends Medical Services in Kenya.

Marshburn, Lena, Papers    MS 533

Mathis (Treva) Papers MS 144
Speech made at retirement dinner honoring Harold M. Bailey, Guilford College.

Mattocks, James, Collection    MS 548

McAdoo (Victor) Paper, 1931  MS 118
"Statements of Historical Facts and Events"  1 item (11 pages)

McFarland (Lewis) Papers, 1928-1933  MS 367
Autobiography and correspondence of the secretary of N. C. Y. M.

Mendenhall (Alice White) Letters, 1908, 1910, 1961, and 1964  MS 86
Two Letters from M.M. Hobs to Elsie White (Mendenhall), and two letters to Herbert Hoover

Mendenhall (Elihu & Abigail Hill) Papers, 1856-59  MS 393
Abigail Hill Mendenhall's diary and marriage certificate.

Mendenhall, Delphinia, Papers    MS 415

Mendenhall Family Paper  MS 368
Manuscript (Pencil) account of the Mendenhalls.

Mendenhall (George C.) Papers, 1851-54  MS 332 

Mendenhall- Hobbs Papers  MS 332 ***included with above-same MS #/Documents

Mendenhall (Gertrude) Letter, 1909  MS 152
Letter from J. Harper Johnston, describing Beards Hat Shop, where it stood and what happened to it.

Mendenhall (Mary E.) Letter, 1889  MS 446

Mendenhall (Mattie Blair) Papers, 1875-1879  MS 457
New Garden Boarding school catalog, report card, and marriage license

Mendenhall (Samuel Hill) Papers, 1897-1932  MS 473
Correspondence, estate papers, and notebooks.  600 items

Mendenhall (William) Papers, 1820-1840  MS 27
Record book, letters, 1 bound volume in document box

Mendenhall (William P.) Paper, 1830  MS 376
Note concerning Mendenhall’s attending school "with Caldwell"

Mercer, Thomas, Collection    MS 011

Moon (Meredith Mary), 1910  MS 236 also titled Nellie Moon Taylor Papers not Meredith Mary Moon-cross with Taylor, Nellie Moon
Letters to Nellie Moon Taylor.  9 items

Morgan, Jeptha W., Paper    MS 010

Millis (Valeria) Papers, 1866-1872  MS 374
Drafts of weaving patterns and photos of coverlet collections.

Milner (Ernestine) Collection,1910-1990 MS 231 MORE INFO

Morgan (James) Paper, 1831  MS 67 

Deed from John C. Ehringhaus, Pasquotank County, to James Morgan " a free man of color" dated 3-24-1831

Moore (Alma C.) Papers, 1929-1932, 1955-62  MS 228
Letters from L.L. Hobbs.

Moore (Ezra) Paper, 1914-1915  MS 410
Notebook kept in biology course at Guilford 1914-1915

Moore (J. Floyd) Papers, 1960-1977  MS 356

Moore (John S.) Papers, 1888,1908  MS 342
Unpublished manuscripts of North Carolina Friends Minister.

Moore (Joseph) Collection, 1865-1901  MS 159
Photographs, letters and journals.

Morrell (Rosa B.) Papers, 1970  MS 373
Handwritten response given at Rosa Morrell’s retirement dinner.

Morris (Aaron & Benjamin) Papers, 1764-1814  MS 372 MORE INFO
Wills and genealogical notes.  4 items

Morris (Zachariah) MS 460

Mower (Mary Blair)  MS 436

Murrow (William L.) Letter, 1865  MS 470
Letter to father recounting experiences as a Union soldier, and a prisoner of war.