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Manuscript Collections: S

Manuscript List-S

Salemson, Dan, Research Collection    MS 509 

Sanctuary Papers, 1986  MS 490
Papers relating to the sanctuary trials in 1986 in Phoenix Arizona.

Satterwhite (Dora Teague) Diary, 1883-89  MS 215
Diary of student days at New Garden Boarding School with other miscellaneous notes.

Schenck (David) Diary, 1898-1900  MS 448
"Guilford Battleground Memorandum Book", records of the care and development of the Guilford Courthouse Battleground.

Science Hill Temperance Union Papers, 1876-1917  MS 400
Minutes, membership lists, and by-laws.  2 volumes.

Sharpless (Edith F.) Diary, 1908  MS 244
Copy of a diary kept while a member of the Guilford College faculty, in, which she write about the King Hall fire.

Shearman (A. Jr.) Letter, 1845  MS 97
Letter from Eli Jones concerning efforts to heal breach caused by the Wilbur controversy.

Shields (Katharine) Paper, 1927  MS 8
Letter from J. M. Barrie.

Shore (Marvin & Pansy) Papers, 1918-1988  MS 520 MORE INFO
Photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, and documents pertaining to Marvin and Pansy’s student years at Guilford College.

Smiley (Sarah) Journals, 1865-1867  MS 155
Journals of a Quaker minister from Maine documenting her two relief mission trips to NC after the Civil War.  2 volumes

Smith (Cecile G.) Papers  MS 424
Genealogical Material relating to S. Coffin, Gardner, and Starbuck families of Nantucket Island.

Smith, (William) MS 438
1958 letter to Alfred Noyes.

Snipes (Samuel M.) South Africa Report, 1978-79  MS 54 **in file MS 510
Contains Samuel Snipes, 26-page report on his 3-week trip to South Africa Yearly Meeting on behalf of Friends World Committee in 1979.

Spencer (Nathan) Paper, 1860  MS 255
Letter written to unknown person about Spencer’s grandparents.

Springfield Academy program for "Exhibition", 1871  MS 128
Program is "Order of Exercises at the Exhibition, October 28, 1871" of the Springfield Academy.

Springfield Memorial Association Papers, 1808,1907-1946  MS 156
Minutes, memorials, programs, and photographs.  28 items

Spurgeon (Joseph) Paper, 1854  MS 225
Recounts Revolutionary War events surrounding his father, William, a Tory, and his mother Jane Sellers Spurgeon and his brother John who were Whigs.

Stanfield (Jesse) Paper, 1927  MS 82
Letter from Thomas Newlin concerning teaching philosophy and prayer.

Stanley (Isaac) Photograph Collection, 1890  MS 498
Studio portraits collected by Isaac Stanley, Pleasant Garden, NC, of his and related families.  22 items

Stanley (Joshua) Papers, 1835-1848  MS 337
Letters, Bills, postage accounts, and some documents pertaining to New Garden Boarding School.

Stanley Family Genealogical Charts MS 2
489 sheets

Stewart (Mrs. R. K.) Paper, 1930  MS 214
Paper read at the unveiling of Dolley Madison Memorial, March 7, 1930, Guilford College.

Stoesen (Alexander R.) Collection  MS 513

Stone (Eliot Kays) Paper, 1896-1899  MS 257
Reminiscences of E. K. stone, a student at Guilford College for three years, ex-1900 class.

Stone (Lucie R.) Letter, 1981  MS 475
Letter from Lucie a native of England, to the recording clerk of N.C.Y.M. (Conservative) concerning Karl-Heinz Ulhaas and his involvement with Friends in Germany since WW II.

Stout (Enoch & L. W.) Papers, 1885-1886  MS 258
Papers written while students at Guilford College.

Stout (Kelita) Papers, 1879-1887  MS 259
Notes on First Day school at Holly Springs M. M. as well as other miscellaneous notes and documents.  12 items

Stout (Luzena) Paper, 1889  MS 260
New Garden Boarding School essay on slavery in the United States.

Stout (Peter) Paper, 1762  MS 261
Copy of deed for land purchased from John and Rachel Wright in the Cane Creek Valley September 13, 1762.

Stuart (Jehu Harlan) Papers, 1860-1902  MS 262
Letter to John Clapp Thomas while Thomas was a student at Haverford College, also reminiscences of Stuart’s years as a student at New Garden Boarding School between 1852 and 1858.

Stuart (Zimri) Papers, 1817-1854  MS 335
Manuscript book of poems.

Sturgis (Joseph) paper, 1856  MS 263
Note enclosed with check to E. T. Buntery for books received by Joseph Sturgis, Birmingham, 12/16 1856.

Symons (Abraham) Paper, 1818  MS 245
Deed registered in Randolph County by Abraham Symons for transfer of ownership of 7 slaves to Stephen Henley, Thomas Thornburg and Joseph Henley as agents of N.C.Y.M.

Symons (John Sr.) Will, 1787  MS 95
Will dated 10-17-1787, names wife Elizabeth; sons, Thomas, Matthew, Abraham; daughters, Mourning, Margaret, Elizabeth; grandsons, John smith and William Small.

Szittya (Ruth Outland) Journal collection, 1939  MS 131
Collection consists of 2 journals, 1 map of Germany, 1 city map of Berlin, and 1 guide to Christian Hostels in Europe. Journals discuss Szitta’s trip from New York to Germany. 5 items