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Manuscript Collections: T

Manuscript List-T

Taber, Ervin G., Letters    MS 188 

Tatum, Betty Ray, Papers    MS135

Taylor, (Fredrick H. Sr.) Collection, 1936-1942 MS 537 MORE INFO

Taylor, Frederick Raymond, Papers    MS 178 

Taylor, Huldah E. Letters-1963 Regarding Woolworth sit in 1963, MS 91 MORE INFO

Taylor (Nellie Moon) Papers, 1879, 1884-1885, 1910, and 1955   MS 236 MORE INFO

**cross reference with Meredith Moon
Letters, scrapbooks, school papers and newsclippings.  19 items

Taylor (Rachel Farlow) Papers, 1906-1931  MS 404 MORE INFO
Letters principally from Mary Mendenhall Hobbs, also from L.L. Hobbs, Wilson Hobbs and Gertrude Hobbs.  61 items

Terrell (James Huff) Letters, 1876-1877, 1887-1888, 1898-1899  MS 66
Letters of Terrell to his Wife Edith Nordyke. Written while he was traveling as companion to Quaker minister, Rufus King, in England.  40 items

Thomas (John C.) Paper, 1927  MS 12
"The Baltimore Association’ address delivered at the dedication of the new Springfield Friends Meeting House.

Thomas (Richard Henry) Paper, 1845  MS 264
Notes taken while attending North Carolina Yearly Meeting in 1845, includes editorial copied from "The Friend", London, 10-10-1845, poem and memorial of Elizabeth Coleman.

Thompson (Eugene Hester, Jr.) Paper, 1967  MS 265
Copy of Diplôme Supérieur D’Études Francaisés Modernes from Alliance Francaisé, École pratique de Langue Francaisé, 8-31-1967.

Thompson (William Benbow) Paper, 1870  MS 266
Copy of Autobiography of William B. Thompson who was born near Hillsborough, NC in 1813 and moved to Indiana in 1844.

Thompson (William Jasper) Papers, 1910-1913  MS 154
Minutes of Republican Convention for Northampton County, NC, 1910; delegate certificate, Republican State Convention, and notebook.

Thornburgh (Henry & Rebeckah) Papers, 1829 & 1831  MS 360
Letters from "brother and sister" Stephen and Rebeckah Hussey.

Thornburgh, William Lindsay, Papers    MS 390 

Thorne (Dorothy Gilbert) Papers, 1947-1950  MS 74 MORE INFO
Historical papers: NC Quakers and the Revolution; early Quakerism in NC, etc.

Tilden, Sophie, Genealogy Collection    MS 506 

Tomlinson (John Milton) Letter, 1861  MS 71
Request for donation to fund for building a new schoolhouse at Springfield sent to David Jordan.

Tomlinson (Sidney Halstead, Jr.) Papers, 1942-1945, 1972  MS 492 MORE INFO
Correspondence, photo’s, maps and momento’s from Tomlinson’s service in the US Naval Air Force in WW II. Also other miscellaneous letters and documents.  455 items

Townsend, Thomas, Paper    MS 079 

Tract Association of Friends on North Carolina records, 1839-53 MS 268
Includes constitution, lists of members and meeting minutes.

Tucker, Leigh, Papers    MS 445 

Tyler Family photographs, late 19th century  MS 503
Photographs depict scenes in Randolph County, NC.  40 items