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Manuscript Collections: P

Manuscript List-P

Parker Family Papers  MS 305  MORE INFO

Parker (James Peele) Papers, 1775-1981  MS 169 MORE INFO
360 items

Parker (Joseph and Deborah Peele) Papers    MS 505 

Parker (Josiah) Papers, 1790-1836  MS 56
Photocopy set of Josiah Parker Papers at Earlham College.  See Friends Collection at Earlham College for more information.

Parsons, Worth, Parker Families Papers, 1865-1967  MS 489
300 items

Paschal (Richard B.) 1860-61,63-64  MS 28
Diaries of Chatam County sheriff.

Paschkis (Marjorie Penney) Paper  MS 434
Unpublished booklet on the life of Yardley Warner.

Passmore (Pennoch) Diary, 1851-52  MS 170

Pearson (Eleanor) Papers MS 328
Manuscripts and correspondence concerning Dolley Madison.

Pearson (James Larkin) Papers  MS 195
Papers of poet and printer James Larkin Pearson, who was poet laureate of NC 1953-1981.

Peck Family Papers  MS 241

Peele (Albert) Papers, 1859-1862, 1884  MS 172
Autograph album and deed.

Pendle Hill Document Collection, 1757-1847  MS 47 MORE INFO
40 items

Perisho (Elwood C.) Papers, 1861-1935  MS 323 MORE INFO 

Perkins (Mary E.) Papers, 1871,1937  MS 377

Perkins (Theodore & Eugenia) Papers, 1986-91  MS 176
Letters from friends and family.

Petty (Annie F.) Papers, 1889, 1893,1942, and 1958  MS 227
Letters and autograph cards.  5 items

Petty, Martha Tomlinson, Paper    MS 406 

Piggott-Pickett Collection-MS 116 MORE INFO

Pike Family History    MS 098 

Pike, William, Will    MS 059 

Pim (Thomas) Copybook  MS 183
Manuscript book includes copies of letters of William Hunt and others.

Pipkin (John Moses) Papers, 1971  MS 380 MORE INFO

Pope (Russell) Papers  MS 319

Potter Family Papers, 1870  MS 378
Handwritten poem entitled "Machine Poetry" about New Garden Boarding School and students.

Pretlow (John E.) Paper, 1890  MS 443
Pretlow’s account of his experiences as a conscientious objector during the Civil War.

Pretlow (Thomas) Letter, 1796  MS 37
Letter from Thomas to his half-brother Stephen Henley.