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Manuscript Collections: L

Manuscript List-L

Lamb (Mary Osborne) Papers, 1947  MS 389
Handwritten reminiscences on various topics.  5 items

Lamb (Simeon) Letter, 1833  MS 108
Letter to Peter Dicks concerning Quaker division and his personal struggles with his Quaker faith.

Lantz (Marian) Collection, 1932-1933  MS 482 MORE INFO
Letters from an American Quaker teacher in the Friends Girls School, Ramallah, Palestine.

Levenson (Mazie J.) Collection, 1960-1969  MS 478
News clippings from Greensboro, NC newspapers pertaining to 1960’s Civil Rights Movement.  78 items

Levering Papers MS 442 MORE INFO 
Papers of Samuel and Mariam Levering and family.

Lewelling (Seth) Journal, 1850-53  MS 110

Lincoln (Abraham) Paper, 1864  MS 111
Pass written and signed by Lincoln, giving Francis T. King permission to cross Union lines to the south.

Lindley (Alfred H.) Letters, 1892-1902  MS 112
2 items

Lindley (Eliza J.) Paper, 1902  MS 113
Paper telling of early years of New Garden Boarding School, when she was a student.

Lindsay Store Account Book, 1835-1837  MS 466

Lois Rabey Scrapbook    MS 544

London Yearly Meeting Paper    MS 057

London Yearly Meeting of Women Friends, 1893  MS 163
Epistle to N. C. Y. M. of Women Friends.

Long (Jesse Dobson) Papers, 1901-09,1919-20,1932-33,1951  MS 450 MORE INFO

Love (Florida Ferris) Album, 1888-89  MS 29
Autograph album, and birthday book, kept while a student at Guilford College.  2 items

Lucas (Olive) Papers  MS 117
Two poems: "January in Carolina" and "Wonder."