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Manuscript Collections: W

Manuscript List-W

Ware (Willard H.) Collection, 1918-1919  MS 435 MORE INFO
Photographs, post cards, and memorabilia illustrating the reconstruction work of the American Friends Service Committee in France, 1918-1919

WCTU of Guilford College, Papers    MS 187 

Webb (Elizabeth) Paper  MS 359

Welsh (Anne Morrison) Collection  MS 5 MORE INFO

West (Eula) Papers, 1928-1968  MS 90
Twenty-nine poems and a biographical note with pictures from the Suffolk VA, Sun.

West Hill Debating Society Papers  MS 126
2 roll sheets, letter constitution and by-laws.

Wheeler (Cornelia Gray) Letter, 1921  MS 124
Letter from M. M. Hobbs concerning L.L.Hobbs operations, family and friends.

Whipple Family Collection, 1908-1923  MS 63
Grocery account, receipts, and cheese-making recipe.  7 items

White (Alice Paige) Paper, 1954  MS 275
Paper describes the work of the Baltimore Association after the Civil War, especially the establishment of a model farm near Springfield M. M. (NC) in 1867

White (Alpheus) Papers, 1885  MS 276
Copies of a journal recording events of a trip made to Australia with Rufus P.King.   3 items

White (Bertha Smith) Papers  MS 62
Loan agreements, Guilford College 1909-1911, and 2 diaries

White (David) Papers, 1836, 1846  MS 277
Deed to land in Perquimans Co. made to Abner Pendelton, Pasquotank Co. 3 items

White (Elias A.) Note Books, 1840-42  MS 125
Books contain notes taken on ethics lectures given by Professor D. B. Smith.

White (Jeptha) Papers, 1835-1873  MS 161 MORE INFO
Indentures promissory notes, and correspondence.

White (Josiah) Paper, 1811-1816  MS 185
Account Book.

White (Julia Scott) Papers, 1897-1922  MS 46 MORE INFO
Miscellaneous articles relating to Carolina Friends.  31 items

White, Marianna, Photo Album    MS 558 

White (Martha Jane) Letters, 1862  MS 280
Letters written while she was a student at New Garden Boarding School.

White (Mary R.) Letter, 1873  MS 17
Letter from Mary White to her daughter Sarah Jane at Belvidere Academy.

White (Mary & Peninah) Letters, 1836-1849  MS 281
Letters from family.

White (Nell Chilton) Diaries and Marriage Certificate  MS 477
Daily records of the years 1952-1982 and marriage certificate of Nell Emily Chilton and David Jordan White.  29 items

White (Roxie Dixon) Papers, 1903-1937  MS 283
Includes "Glimpses of New Garden Boarding School in 1877."  6 items

White, Roxie D., Family Papers    MS 087 

White (Waldeen H.) Papers MS 334
Two poems entitled "Heresy" and "Reminiscent".

Whittier (John Greenleaf) Papers, 1871, 1892  MS 493
Letter to Gertrude Whitter Mendenhall with envelope and photograph of the writer, 1871; signed, untitled poem, 1892.

Williams (Annie V. Edgerton) Papers, 1898-1951  MS 517
Diary beginning with her sailing from New York with Delia Fistler for missionary work in India.

Williams (Dorothy Mumford) Papers, 1949-1952  MS 288|
Two poems "Carolina Hills" and "The Prayer."

Williams (J. Edgar) Papers, 1952  MS 289
Copy of letter and poem sent to Queen Elizabeth and the reply from the private secretary to the ambassador in Washington.

Williams (Levi B.) Paper MS 290
Poem "Lines on Martha Oennix that was murdered in Guilford County NC", 43 stanzas, 4 pages.

Wilson, Louise B. Papers    MS 500 

Wilson (Willis S.) Family Papers, 1908-1941  MS 333
Letters and miscellany.

Wilson (Elmina Foster Coffin) Papers  MS 318

Wilson (Joseph) Paper, 1851  MS 53
Certificate given to Joseph by Springfield M. M. for presentation to New Garden M. M. when he transferred his membership.

Wilson (Thomas) Deed, 9-1-1829   MS 295
Original handwritten deed for sale of part of Henry Delon plantation, Pasquotank Co. by Thomas Wilson, Perquimans Co. to Nathan Delon

Winslow/Davis Collection    MS 561

Winslow (John) Deed, 1793  MS 296
Handwritten copy of deed granting land from the state of NC to John Winslow, Randolph Co. NC 8-19-1793

Women of Guilford Papers, 1973-1979  MS 471 MORE INFO 
Papers compiled in preparation for the book Women of Guilford County, North Carolina. 28 cm

Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Guilford College Papers, 1892-1904, 1926-1934  MS 187
New Garden WCTU minutes, 1892-1904 and Guilford College WCTU minutes 1926-1934. 6 items

Woodard, Walter, Letters    MS 507 

Woody Family Papers MS 316 box/ MORE INFO

World Gathering of Young Friends Papers, 1982-1985  MS 476 MORE INFO
Minutes and correspondence of planning committees, files of registrants, video and audiotapes, etc.

Worth (Daniel & Huldah) Letters, 1859-1861, 1866  MS 427 MORE INFO
Letters concerning Worth’s imprisonment for abolitionist activities, also letters on family affairs

Worth (Laura) Collection, 1928-1944  MS 189 MORE INFO
Letters and genealogical inquiries.

Wright (Marietta) Papers, 1979-1992  MS 133
Papers pertaining to Friends World College, Huntington, NY.  5 folders